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excuse us, while we change into something more comfortable. cool. introducing, the square sunnyd bottle. >> coming up, we should learn about the death of the cub.nal 0's died panda occoquan counselors will be at watkins high school after a was wounded after an accident with a police cruiser. and why this city that is named skinny. good mning washington at 5:00 a.m. starts now.
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. it is of a clock on this monday morning, september 24. i am steve chenevey. >-- 5:00. >> i am greta kreuz. >> we have a couple of pickups in the forecast. a beautiful start this morning. a little cloudy. is helping to hold up a little. have some fifties out there morning. a few 40's as well. 52 at dulles, 56 in d.c., 48 in gaithersburg, 48 in winchester. gerber tours will be warming up today. out wes-- temperatures will be g up.
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high temperature around 72 degrees today. now let's check on traffic with angela. >> we love to start with good news. the prince william parkway northbound has reopened between dumphries road and clover hill road. the accident is gone. another accident, 395, . southbound. two left lanes shut down. two to the right getting by. traveling around the beltway in maryland, no early delays or closures. looking pretty good at the american legion bridge between maryland and virginia. 270 looks good as well as 95 e beltways. back to you. >> thank you. our top story, a celebration at zoo, a short-lived.
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>> the panda cub has died. the veterinarians are trying to figure out what happened. john gonzalez is there. even know if it was or girl. exactly. priscilla braden the good news last week. that excitement has turned to grief. it was distressed noises by the panda bear that alerted staff something was wrong. but i don't know why or what happens, it's sad. >> it was not even name the at was conceived by artificial insemination. the 14-year-old mother mei xiang had five failed proceed in the past. her chances of getting pregnant again were less than 10%. >> they had made them turn off cam. >> it was not breathing despite
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no signs of distress or infection. they perform cpr, but to no avail. a major blow to the national zoo only as aies that wide.orld >> every panda bear cub is important, so critically endangered. >> this is the six want to die the national zoo and the best only one to live was mei firstborn. >> police looking for a man they woman thatred a with on jordan away and we aren't. the woman dead in a stairwell. of trauma to the upper body. three children were in the apartment when she was attacked. police are searching for a man.
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>> what led to a deadly car crash last night in gaithersburg. across collided on great seneca highway around 8:00 last night. one woman died and three people injured. part of the highway was shut while polices pieced together what happened. students at watkins mill high gaithersburg will be with griefk counselors today about the serious accident involving a classmate. 15-year-old richards was struck by a police cruiser saturday she tried to cross ridge. the officer was responding to a that broke out after a football game. he's on the ms. pradia fleet. >> presidential candidates have a busy day. heading to is totleground states ready specifics about fixing the economy and helping the middle class. president obama will be in new
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york for the start of the un general assembly. he will also appear on the view. tahman bradley has more. >> mitt romney in colorado today to rebound from a week.ult polls say the white house race is tight with leading in the states that will election. romney slammed the president's record. " we cannot afford four more like the last four. that's why we will get a change finally in washington that the deserve. >> when romney arrives in ohio will be greeted by a ad of the obama attacking him for saying 47% of americans are the government and s victims.lves a >> doesn't the president have to worry about everyone? >> some in romney's own party worry the race is slipping away. a clear problem with
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cheerfulness, inability to focus ow--rent >> mr. obama and last night says biggest disappointment is he s not changed the climate in washington. >> i hope that after the smoke clears and the election season over, that the spirit of cooperation comes back. >> the president said if suggesting wey is war, in syria, so.hould say >> civil rights groups plan to a report today which says the new photo id laws,? citizenship requirements, and efforts to remove non-citizens voter rolls could stop 10 million hispanics from casting ballots. obama and romney are both trying to appeal to hispanic voters.
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missouri's senate candidate todd akin has until tomorrow to get s name off the ballot, but he says he will not. he made comments about 20 "legitimate rape." the gop nohas been trying to convince him to drop out. his opponent is now headed in the race. it's 55 degrees in d.c.. >> the results of a new study on cameras in prince george's county. cameras in prince george's county.
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yeah. that's right. the four dollar everyday value slam. only four dodollars every day. only at denny's. >> good morning. i am jacqui jeras. we're in the weather center. not a bad start. it's a little cloudy and that is the 50stemperatures in area. the we do expect the clouds to whittle away throughout the day. we will end up mostly sunny. 51 degrees in arlington, 50 in chantilly, 47 and sterling, 52 woodbrige. mostly sunny today, 67-72. our first chance of rain with temperatures is on wednesday. that's all for the forecast. let's check on traffic with angela foster. >> traffic is moving well for
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the most part. leaving the district of 395, running into a jam briefly. accident approaching duke , blocking two left lanes. stay to the right to get by. once you get past that, not bad the most part at the street and continuing to the capital beltway. northbound 95 between 3 and 7, all lanes are open. 66 has no early delays or incidents. looks pretty, dulles greenway and the toll road. snowboarder troubles on leesburg pike spirit back to you. >> thank you. in prince george's county, it appears the speed cameras program is making a difference. the number of vehicle and pedestrian accidents has dropped since august of last year. they issued 435,000 tickets and
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7rought in more than $ million. critics say the cameras are just tool.y-making >> gas prices dropping for now. aaa reports the national average price for a gallon of regular $3.81, a nickel cheaper than week. in d.c., $3.94. $3.75 in maryland, $3.67 in virginia. it's monday morning, 5:13. >> a tough weekend for a ravens star. when he said about playing in star. when he[ male announcer ]g in for the dreamers...
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>> welcome back. rescuers are still looking for who went missing after avalanche on the eighth peak in the world. authorities in nepal say at least nine people died yesterday. the avalanche hit a camp where than two dozen climbers were sleeping. many of them are french, german, and italian. correctk>> kfc restaurants are g pakistan after franchisees in other countries were attacked. the restaurant has a significant
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presence in the muslim world. >> we got spoiled this weekend. i was out of town. >> you missed it all. i love it when it is cool in the mornings. i was in atlanta. we were in the '80s. 70's all week long here. it's going to be another beautifully. have to watch for a rain for a couple days. a little cloudy this morning. the clouds kept the temperatures in the '50s, at least in the immediate metro area. you can see it is 56 at reagan national, 52 at dulles. some 40's off to our west. 49 in martinsburg, 46 in winchester. petersburg, 39. i bet you can see your breath in petersburg, so send me a tweet
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if you can. average flow this time appears to 59 degrees. about in that neighborhood. we have a little disturbance to our north bringing the clouds. there's no rain expected. skies will clear out. i pressure is dominating our weather. bringing a northwesterly bringing art temperatures a little cooler today. today's forecast looks like this, mostly sunny, 67-72. then warming up gradually. 79 degrees by wednesday. a couple showers expected. that could linger until thursday. and another chance on friday. 70's of a across-the-board/ looking pretty good. >> traffic is looking good. the two early crashes. one of them on 395. authorities have moved back off the road. traveling southbound 395 from heading street bridge beltway, alll
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lanes open. we are looking pretty good for most part, just residual delays in that area. now live look in springfield. making the drive on 95 northbound, all lanes are open. southbound 95, as a work zone between route 3 and route 17. in maryland, 270 in germantown, open andd lanes are moving at posted speeds. that continues as you make your way towards the capital beltway. back to you. >> thank you. this should perk you up. to celebrate the new fall abc shows, we are giving away gift s filled with two of ofdred dollars' worth goodies including show dvd's. >> the app about 40 minutes left get to our facebook page and signed up. do so by 6:00 this morning. we will announce a winner each during our 6:00 hour. to the computer and log on
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to our facebook page now. new options for owners of briars 5.'s version of the iphone >> t.j. winnick has details. >> iphone portability. the verizon version will also at&t if you swaps the the sim card. all burton america and airtran fi, but have wi- practically no united airplanes does. a has the most internet capable flights, two thirds of them. there's a game that tests your l at putting along with songs. it is a single player game. that was found to be disappointing. >> you can see how your score against your other e game. playing th
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>> it is available for the 360.tation 3 and xbox [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents their own are wonderful
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>> mother said that he would play itt. he admired me so much, which is
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what makes it tough. torrey smith, does hours brother was killed in playedcycle accident, he england.t in new had a huge role in the ravens victory with 127 yards and two touchdowns. the ravens went. he lost his brother just a few before in a motorcycle and accident. >> in baseball, the nationals finish out the series at park this afternoon. correct years more. >> good morning. a lot of running from robert iii yesterday, 12 s for 85 yards and a touchdown, but the rookie took a of hits, making us wonder much he can take as the season goes on. dalton on roll. it's good.
5:26 am
38-24, cincinnati bengals, but redskins come back. rg3 has the legs, so why not use them. a touchdown. seven seconds to go. after a penalty, all you can do is throw out the a hail mary pass. but no one was close to it. lose 38-31. >> what do you do when things out? work you keep going after it. our team never quits. >> the redskins are back at it y on the practice field up for their next game in tampa next sunday. have a great day. >> the news continues with "good washington" at 5:00 parent. >> where the presidential parent. >> where the presidential canncr: more anti-maryland ads.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> did ahead, we expect to learn more today about the death of a cub at thend national zoo. a week ago.only we hope to have more details in next few hours. it's monday, september 24. i am steve chenevey. >> i am greta kreuz. has the >> i'm in the belfort furniture weather center. a few clouds. mostly cloudy, but that will clear up shortly. moseley and temperatures in the '50s. have even 39 degrees in petersburg. 56 at reagan national, 52 in dallas.
5:31 am
clouds keeping us a little warmer in the metro. cloudy and si63 and 9:00, 66 at noon, high temperatures around 72 degrees. most of the week looks great. first, let's check on traffic with angela foster. >> it good morning. starting the work week in pretty good fashion. just look at the capital beltway. starting at the woodrow wilson bridge, making your way through 50, a george's county, to nice ride so far. on the inner loop as well as the outer loop, that is. past greenbelt, looks pretty good. 95, 495 and 201, volumes build, but no delays so far through prince george's or montgomery county on the capital beltway. folks travelling in montgomery 270 looking pretty
5:32 am
good. headingy distractions the american legion bridge. clear and open with no delays making your way across the on then legion bridge inner loop as well as the outer loop. back to you. >> thank you. our top story, terrible news at the national zoo. the giant panda bear cub died just a week after being born. >> john gonzalez is live at the zoo. >> good morning. zookeeper's will perform their to try to an autopsy out what went wrong with cub born just six days ago. they are trying to figure out if it had an infection or underlying problem. distress calls came in by the female giant panda bear early sunday morning to alert the wrong.omething was
5:33 am
the joy and excitement from just a week ago quickly turned to grief. the panda bear cub was conceived by artificial insemination. the 14-year-old mother mei xiang had five failed pregnancies in past and they said their pregnantf getting again or less than 10%. despite no obvious signs of infection, the cub was not breathing. they performed cpr, but to no avail. a major blow for the national zoo and for this endangered species. there are only about 2000 of wide.orld john gonzalez reporting. >> the father accused of leading his two-year-old daughter home than 24 hours will go on trial. anthony venson faces a child endangerment and other charges girl was founde in the apartment in december. the home was built the and the was angry and dehydrated.
5:34 am
police went to the apartment after they call from the girl's o was in the hospital and the time. >> let's turn to the race for the white house. the candidates' campaigns are ramping up a tax on each other. obama heads to new york. latest. >> 47% of the people will vote for the president no matter what. and it has been more than a week jones reported the story. now the obama campaign is trying capitalize on its inconnu a d. >> mitt romney attacked 47% of who pay no income tax including veterans, the elderly, and the disabled. doesn't the president have to worry about everyone? >> the romney campaign quickly on comments by president obama. "60 minutes" asked obama if he
5:35 am
felt pressure from the israeli minister to change its iran. on >> when it comes to our national security decision, any pressure that i feel is simply to do with right for the american people. i am going to block out any there.hat's out i feel an obligation to make that we are in close consultation with the israelis because itsues deeply.them are one of our closest allies in the region. >> the romney campaign responded -- andrew spencer reporting. >> what's happening on metro
5:36 am
now, there's a situation escalators out of service to a mechanical problem in bethesda on the red line. there have not been any major concerns, but they did ask for brought to that can takeo that folks them. out of service at the bethesda station, escalators. not a good start for the monday morning. getting better showing damaging wildfires out west. >> jummy olabanji has the latest. >> good morning. the fire is still burning in san diego county. officials say that it's only 10% contained. we have the video coming from california. the fire has burned 1,700 acres including four homes. there may be even more homes destroyed. they will not know until sunrise.
5:37 am
officials sent out a reverse 911 weekend andr the evacuated 80 homes in that area. because of that fire is not known and is under investigation. north of san diego in riverside county, california, another fire over the weekend and is burning. as many as two or hundred homes in that area. far, that are has charged 150 acres. hundreds of firefighters on the ground working that fire. it's a right now it's about 35% contained. there are at least 36 large fires burning in nine states country.e the worst in washington state, where thousands of firefighters battling the blazes now trying to save homes. another big story, a separate story, u.s. forecasters say that miriam has rapidly strengthen category 2 hurricane well to mexico's boughaja peninsula.
5:38 am
jummy olabanji reporting. back to you. >> thank you. it's monday morning. 55 degrees. still ahead, madonna comes back to the verizon center tonight for a second show. what metro is doing to help tonight for a second show. what metro is doing to help who rtgoers
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correct i'm dr. bruce, telling u about the lymphoma research on september 30 in northern montgomery county. go to the web site for more. good morning, washington. >> good morning, washington. i am meteorologist jacqui jeras. it would be a great day for a of the weekd most would be. 66 degrees right now. a little cloudy, but the clouds give way to nothing but expecting better conditions. skies becoming mostly sunny, of 67-72.e extended forecast shows tempered tomorrow atlittle 75 degrees. on wednesday, 79 with a chance of a few showers. enjoy it between now and then. now let's check on traffic with angela foster. >> a pretty nice ride for the most part. if you are heading out in the
5:42 am
minutes, the red line station, theda escalators are out of metro. for the station is open and buses requested, but keep n mind for the next few minutes. if you are making the drive in virginia, there was an earlier on the prince william parkway that had cleared. police are still investigating on the scene. northbound prince william still shut down between dumphries road and over mill road. looks pretty good for the most part on 95 especially into the springfield interchange. no delays or incidents so far morning. back to you. >> thank you. 5:42. you might want to be patient to the if you are going concert at the verizon center. >> last night's show started two hours late. it's a good thing that metro will stay open later than usual, providing an extra hour service
5:43 am
from dulles replaced and judiciary square stations. entrances at all of the metro will close at the normal times. customers will still be able to the stations during service.a hour the extended service is being by an agreement with center.zon expected 5 degrees on this morning. >> we will have highlights on emmy >> we will have highlights on awar[ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad
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makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard atitibank. captioned by the national captioning institute >> coming up at 6:00, iran posing president's speaking for the violentbout american protests spurred by an anti-islamic film. oryx arnold schwarzenegger back into the eventsht with two big including the release a new book. what he says about his estranged wife maria shriver and his affair.
5:47 am
>> and two cousins that may be together than many siblings. them this remarkable bond. if you will find out coming up at 6:00. >> we will hear from singer demi lovato on katie. >> she will tackle the border of eating disorders and trend in older women. that's coming up on abc 7 today. >> at 5:00 on abc 7 news, the e center is about to close, on wisconsin avenue. the station began pumping gas it was 20 cents a gallon ready to close up shop for good. some history and fond businessce of the at 5:00.n abc 7 news pepco crew members could be
5:48 am
forared to walk off the job nearly 30time in years. contract negotiations between pepco and the union are at an impasse. members are scheduled to vote week on what pepco calls its final offer. if workers reject the deal, the d strike or pepco lockout.lare a pepco tells the washington post in as a backup plan in case of a strike. >> maryland regulators will grow officials today overlie residents and been not usedor electricity during the blackout. the stabilization of dand companent allows the s to collect fees. that will be addressed today in the maryland public commission. >> mosquito control crews will be spreading in the east board annapolis sections of anne tonight.ounty >> an effort to prevent the west nile virus spreading. spring will be done in the neck
5:49 am
area next monday. avoid outdooruld activities while it's happening. there have been three deaths virus inwest nile year along far this with one death in d.c. and one in a virginia. >> what is in the name? one cat is not living up to her name. is a 5-year-old tabby cat skinny. 41 pounds! that's as much as an average four-year-old child. veterinarians in texas say that has diabetes and need to lose a few pounds and needs a home. but cheaper menu is coming to a soon.r >> realtors have been very generous in campaign giving. linda, good morning. >> bloomberg has found the
5:50 am
national association of realtors lead in political year. this federal candidates have received $4 million from them during every election since 2004. this comes as the housing has rebounded from the deepest slump since the 1930's. the parent company of red lobster says it plans to offer significantly more items priced under $15 as the price point has a hit with diners. it plans to offer more non- seafood selections as well, despite seafood prices on the decline. the company behind redbox want it does not go the of the blockbuster dinosaur model. it is testing a screening service in the homes of 500 employees. this is in an effort to take on amazon and its
5:51 am
year.t later this back to you. >> thank you. let's turn to entertain the news. e lik the showtime series earned the award at theries awards. >> and voters kept things in the modern family. >> homeland. >> members of the television of the seriesfans homeland, giving it top honors damian lewis won the best actor prize, and he said that he's not competition. >> i don't really think you judge finally. i'm delighted to be a winner. been to lots of awards ceremonies where five guys get nominated and walk away with a little trophy and that would be preference. >> best actress winner claire danes, the show has a high- --president obama.
5:52 am
>> its very cool than he's a fan. we are stupefied by the fact is watching consistently. >> modern family. modern family got another best comedy series trophy. julie got another best actress prize. crept the conversation backstage. >> i love that ann romney and obama said that modern their favorite show. that shows to me there is a place on the college where down and come together and laughing and the only thing that matters. >> eric got his second oscar r best supporting actor in a family.from modern >> if you try hard and show up prepared, you can stand on the stage and win a trophy. police, the category -- the
5:53 am
d comedy category, do louis- dreyfus and jon cryer. >> i am as shocked as you people. is why my speech sucked. i did not think this would happen, so i apologize for my speech. >> now it's back to the business television so we celebrate tv all over again next year. in downtown los angeles, abc news reporting. >> modern family is doing well. good to see that. >> i love that show. >> it is cold. in the attack this morning. >> you needed pretty mu-- you n. 70's all week long and looking quite nice. we will tell you about changes in a second. have clouds keeping and
5:54 am
warmertures a little this morning. have a lot of fifties out there. a couple 40's scattered. 51 at chesapeake beach, 48 in waldorf and 52 in woodbrige, 46 and sterling. warrenton at 49 degrees. a little disturbance up to our keeping the cloudier. the west, we have frost and freeze advisories'. 59 is our average to load this time of year. morning it was 55. we will come out today a little that. you can see the clouds. all the showers staying up to notnorth, but that will impact us today. skies will be clearing rapidly pressure scoots east and dominates our weather the next couple days. our forecast for today, skies becoming mostly sunny, a high temperature between 67 and 72. mainly clear and cold tonight. tomorrow morning will be a cooler, 42-50.
5:55 am
75 degrees tomorrow. warmer on wednesday with a chance of rain. another chance of rain on friday. nothing strong, just some showers. 70's all the way across the board throughout the week. feeling very much like fall. let's check on traffic with angela. >> good morning. there's a new traffic pattern the district. southeast southwest freeway, bridge at the end of the bridge you will see the cones set up for the new work zone, so be alert. traveling in maryland, 270, brakes as volume is building through urbana. make your way through hyattstown clarksburg, delays off and on. mostly on the southbound side. in virginia, no reported trouble for contestants for the inbound drive on 66. -slowing on 95 northbound crossing and the occoquan river.
5:56 am
-- no congestion for the inbound 66.e on >> it is the 85 degrees. >> regis philbin with many years tv and a new jobs starting today. details on his return to daytime today. details on his return to daytime televiokay, what'ya havin? i'll have the build your own burger with a... sunny-side up egg, jack cheese, jill. and, uh... make it a double. inspiration can come from anywhere. build your own burgers are now at denny's. in the people, businesses, and organizations that call greater washington home. whether it's funding an organization that provides necitizens with job training,
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working with an anacostia school that promotes academic excellence, or supporting an organization that serves 5,000 meals a day across d.c., what's important to the people of greater washington is important to us, and we're proud to work wi all those who are making our communities stronger.
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excuse us, while we change into something more comfortable. cool. introducing, the square sunnyd bottle.
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the new plant eastwood movie struck out with viewers. he is back -- regis philbin is return to daytime television. be the co-host of the rachel ray show.

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